Leveraging AI Technology in Africa Could Boost Economy to $1.5T

In the hyper-speed era of technology, we are witnessing the whirlwind force of Artificial Intelligence (AI), reshaping almost every sector. However, it’s a common perception that Africa lags behind significantly in this AI race. This led us to the drawing board in February – the objective? Building AI agents designed to streamline operations, empower individuals, and boost businesses across Africa with robust, locally tailored AI capabilities.

AI in Africa has massive potential. A recent report by the BBC suggests that by just tapping into 10% of the AI market, Africa’s economy could expand by an astronomical 50%, equalling a surge of $1.5T. The key lies in understanding that Africa’s economic transformation could be driven by the game-changing potential of AI, provided sufficient and thoughtfully directed investments are channelled towards the development of such AI solutions.

The goal of Chatable is to help you do things faster and smarter, thereby increasing your productivity and creativity with AI agents. The all-in-one AI tool helps individuals or employees receive personalized AI coaching tailored to your unique goals, create captivating voiceovers with our realistic AI voiceover studio, and effortlessly generate high-quality content with our adept AI writers.

Our user-centricity is reflected in our feedback. One of our users hails from Kenya but resides in the U.S., who uses our ‘AI voiceover’ feature to create content in Swahili for his Kenyan audience. He shared his valuable feedback that our AI’s Swahili language model could be refined further to match

Similarly, we received inputs from a Nigerian marketing expert associated with a leading Nigerian company. She expressed her satisfaction with the utility of our AI agents and further requested the inclusion of distinct African male and female language voices, it would elevate her marketing strategies and help local AI for productivity enhancement and revenue growth.

Through such interactions, it’s clear that there’s an imperative need to invest in training our AI agents with local African data. This approach lies at the heart of our mission to make AI attractive and widely adoptable for Africans. By aligning ourselves closely with local requirements and cultural nuances, we believe we can help the continent catch up, and eventually lead, in the global AI race.

Our focus at Chatable.cc remains firmly etched on creating a seamless AI experience for our African users, bringing AI benefits to their doorstep while ensuring local nuances and culture are preserved. As Africa’s digital revolution unfolds, we are committed to being a part of this transformation, driven by the belief that localising AI technology can indeed empower African individuals and enrich businesses.

Join us on our journey to help Africans leverage AI technology by signing up for free here: https://www.chatable.cc/ to begin your Chatable experience.

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